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ZR Scarab - Fretless guitar with signature of Arli Liberman

Guitar Data

  • Dimensions

    • Overall lenght:995mm /391/8''
    • Body width: 300mm / 1113/16''
    • Body thickness: 50mm / 115/16''
    • Neck depth: 20mm / 25/32''
    • Neck width nut: 45mm / 13/4''
    • Scale lenght: 648mm / 251/2''
    • String spread nut: 36.5mm
    • String spread bridge:52.4mm
    • Weight: 3.8 kg
    • Fingerboard: correspond to 24 frets,
      radius - 380mm / 15''
  • Components

    • Tunners: 6 in line Schaller M6 locking black
    • Nut: Brass
    • Truss rod: dual action
    • Bridge: 2Tek through body solid brass nickel plated
    • 4 ebony control knobs with push/push switches
    • 6 position Freeway switch
    • Black square socket for 6,3 mm mono output jack
    • Strings: D'Addario ECG25 chrome flat wounded (.012/.016/.024/.032/.042/.052)
    • Ebony pickup trims
  • Electrics

    • 2 linear 500k potentiometers for volume control with push-push switches
    • 2 linear 500k potentiometers for tone control, switches to change two capacitors values
    • 6 way switch Freeway
    • Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro - neck
    • Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 - bridge
  • Material

    • Body: African mahogany
    • Top: European Ash
    • Neck: European Ash
    • Fingerboard: Ebony
    • Ivory marks on fingerboard edge and brass dots field marks
    • Black thixotropic grain filler
    • High solids epoxy base coat - Morrels
    • Transparent melamine lacquer, gloss - Morrels
Scarab AL 800x300

Fretless guitar Scarab AL - description

After Arli contacted me with his request for unfretted fingerboard guitar, I decided to rework the original design of a small body Scarab model. I enlarged body and changed the shape of a horn extension. Also the shape of cutout below its neck was modified. Large body delivers more wood resonance and provides more space for spreading control knobs. Another change was made to the headstock shape. Tuners are placed in positions now, where each string comes straight through nut slots without bending to the side.Overall style remained and functionality was improved.

There are another modifications which has been made to change sound character and adapt playability for particular guitarist. Body is two millimeters thicker, which makes it more resonant. Thickness of the neck has been reduced to possible minimum of 20mm. A six positional Freeway switch replaced standard three way toggle to multiply electric circuit options without using additional knobs. It is quite hard to say that sound of this guitar is somehow better than the sound of the previous Scarab version. These modifications has been made to improve guitar on its playability on the stage, to make better access to controls and more importantly to change its sound character. That's way there is fitted Alternative 8 bridge humbucker to keep guitar sounds warm with additional clarity. Designing of this guitar was a challenge to me. Arli uses an E-bow and plays modern music with influence of traditional Middle Eastern styles. A fretless instrument is the right choice for a skilled guitarist with such a style orientation. I created a brand new charismatic instrument for him.

This guitar has two humbuckers which can be played in standard series mode or single coils only. They can be switched to parallel mode and played individually or together. Single coil of each humbucker can sounds together with the second full humbucker in both modes. Switching between these modes delivers thirteen different unscreened sounds. Each of these sounds can be smoothly modified by linear potentiometers. Tone controls are separated for each pickup and fitted with a push/push switches for changing two capacitor values.

Even if this guitar was design especially for one guitarist, its character is not aimed at particular music style or tonal character. It is versatile and can be made again with frets or without. It has a remarkable natural sustain and lot of harmonic. High output pickups recognize muted sound of pressed strings on the unfretted fingerboard. Playability is perfect as well the weight position on the strap.

At the end something about its design. There is nothing what I would change on this guitar, nothing to add or remove. I would be happy to make it again and to delight another good musician.

Zdenek Rumler, 16th of March 2016

Sound samples:

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ZR Guitars Scarab AL 1 ZR Guitars Scarab AL 3 ZR011SCAL controls
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United Kingdom

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Manufacturing of this guitar can be ordered with the same components and wiring as described or with the options available in the order form. Total price depends on the individual requirements and components cost. We will require Ł500,- deposit after the order approval and before the start of guitar making. In the order request form, if it is available, you can choose from several options and add your requirements. Estimated manufacturing time is 12 weeks. You can fill and email us the order form for actual price quotation.
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Every guitar includes a certificate of ownership. A direct purchase or placing order is possible only through this website or authorized seller shop. We provide (in compliance with all specified conditions) warranty period of three years to instrument construction and all of its components except to strings and accessories. We offer to dispatch finished instrument worldwide for the price stated in the order. In the case of the request for different pickups we are willing to meet the custom requirement, but only after preliminary agreement before placing the order (required pickups must conform to quality, dimension and their wiring must allow required connection). Additional conditions may be specified before an order is placed.

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