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Electric Guitar

Guitar Data

  • Dimensions

    • Overall lenght: 990mm / 39''
    • Body width: 280mm / 11''
    • Body lenght: 395mm / 151/2''
    • Body thickness: 48mm / 115/16''
    • Neck depth: 22mm / 14/16''
    • Neck width nut: 45mm / 13/4''
    • Neck width 12th freth: 55mm / 25/32''
    • Scale lenght: 648mm / 251/2''
    • String spread nut: 37,5mm / 115/32''
    • String spread bridge:52,4mm / 21/16''
    • Action on 12th fret: 1.8mm / 2.3mm (+- 0.2mm)
    • Neck relief: 0.2mm - 0.3mm
    • Weight: 3.6 kg
    • Fingerboard: lenght - 495mm / 191/2'',
      radius - 380mm / 15''
  • Components

    • Tunners: Schaller locking tunners, 16:1, black
    • Nut: Tusq - synthetic ivory
    • Truss rod: dual action
    • Bridge: 2Tek, solid brass, nickel finish
    • 4 ebony knobs with white dot
    • 2 ebony humbuckers trims with setting screws
    • 2 black strap locks with spring
    • Black round recessed socket for 6,3 mm mono output jack
    • Eliptic ebony truss rod cover with three screws
    • Strings: Ernie Ball - Regular Slinky (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
    • Frets: nickel silver 18%
      w=0.078'' (1.98mm), h=0.050'' (1.27 mm)
  • Electrics

    • 2 linear 500k potentiometers for separate volume control
    • 2 logarithmic 500k potentiometers for separate tone control
    • Three way pickup selector
    • Alnico II Pro Seymour Duncan Humbucker (Slash signature) - neck
    • Seymour Duncan SH13 Dimbucker - bridge
  • Material

    • Body: African mahogony
    • Body top layer: ash
    • Neck: ash
    • Fingerboard: ebony
    • 3.3mm Ivory dots on fingerboard
    • Black grain filler
    • Sanded dark stain
    • Epoxy base coat - Morrels
    • Transparent melamine lacquer, satin - Morrels

Electric guitar ZR Scarab - description

This is the second version of the guitar which has been originally designed as a fretless model only. Although both versions are identical instruments in shape, size and used material, they differ in several aspects. The fretted guitar has thinner strings of another type. There are used harder strings with standard sizes.

Fretted version has solid body without cavities. This partially reduces thudding sound of the fretless model so the instrument sounds clearly and its tone is sharper. The neck humbucker has been replaced by the modified version of the Alnico II Pro with Slash Signature which has a different winding and sounds a bit more open and raw. Its drawback is the single-conductor cable so the coils cannot be split.

A surface of the instrument hasn't been only filled by black grain filler, but also stained and sanded, so the guitar get a bit darker tint after its finishing compared to natural wood colour of the model without frets.

Twenty four nickel silver frets has been fitted on the fingerboard. Frets have tiny rounded crowns. Fields are marked with 3.3mm dots made from ivory. Although the overall length of the guitar is similar to other instruments, the fretless version seems to be optically elongated due to combination of a quiet small body with the long plain fingerboard. Cross frets and dots visually shorten the length of the neck and fill the empty space on the fingerboard. Rounded humbucker trims made from ebony wood dominate in the middle of the body and indicate an output power of pickups.

An ash plate on the instrument body is curved so the nickel plated solid brass 2Tek bridge and part of the mahogany wood are uncovered. Six grooves lengthen string lines. Hard and high quality melamine lacquer without shine has been used for surface finishing. However, the structure of wood with grains filled black gives the guitar dingy tinge. Even after years of hard use it won't lose charm. It is very hard to describe a real tint of wood because type of lightning slightly changes colour of the stain under the lacquer. Ash wood gets in bright natural daylight grey or green tinge.

A fixed joint of the neck and body makes undivided area, so the resonance of wood is not disturbed. Wood of the instrument strongly modulates string vibrations and adds distinctive timbre so the tone is low-pitched but clear. Even unplugged, this instrument sounds well. After plugging in amplifier the guitar reveals its capabilities. The bridge is incompatible with the tremolo bar and that means certain limitation. The other way around, a prolonged sustain delights listeners of slow jazz or blues pieces. In the hands of an experienced player and connected to the proper sound system, this guitar really captivates the audience with its unique sound and design. After adding distortion, this instrument becomes a predator attacking the listener's senses.

Sound samples

Samples recorded by Ivan Bores www.ivanbores.cz

Scarab_1 Scarab_2



Unit 4, Dale House
M40 8EF
United Kingdom

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Sales information

Manufacturing of this guitar can be ordered with the same components and wiring as described or with the options available in the order form. Total price depends on the individual requirements and components cost. We will require Ł500,- deposit after the order approval and before the start of guitar making. In the order form, if it is available, you can choose from several options and add your requirements. Actual manufacturing time is up to 12 weeks. You can fill and email us the order form for actual price quotation.
You can read all details about the shopping process in the link bellow.

Every guitar includes a certificate of ownership. A direct purchase or placing order is possible only through this website or authorized seller shop. We provide (in compliance with all specified conditions) warranty period of three years to instrument construction and all of its components except to strings and accesories. We offer to dispatch finished instrument worldwide for the price stated in the order. In the case of a request for different pickups we are willing to meet the custom requirement, but only after preliminary agreement before placing the order (required pickups must conform to quality, dimension and their wiring must allow required connection).

Thank you for your interest.

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