Before buying or placing order you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions

General terms

Manufacturer (Maker), Seller: Zdenek Rumler – Sole trader (Furnitrix)
Unit 4, Dale House
Vickers Street
Manchester, Lancashire
M40 8EF
United Kingdom
tel: 004407920888294;

Buyer: A person or company making the payment and listed on the sales invoice issued by the seller.

Customer: The buyer or the person named on the certificate of ownership issued by the manufacturer at the time of sale of the product.

1. General conditions

This document describes the shopping process and conditions of purchase through the website are specified. These conditions determine the way of direct purchase by the final user of the product or the way to order making an instrument according to agreed customer requirements.

During the direct purchase or before sending the order form, the customer is required to confirm his acceptance of the terms of purchase, website privacy policy and website terms & conditions.

By purchasing a product from ZR Guitars, the buyer agrees to comply with all maker's copyrights.

Seller (Zdenek Rumler, Furnitrix) reserves the right to change or amend these sales terms & conditions according to his own needs. The seller is committed to comply with conditions valid at the time of purchase or at the time of confirmation of the submitted order. The buyer has the option to retain a copy of this document in the version valid at the time of purchase or submitting order for the assertion of his claims.

During the purchase process, the seller is entitled to request from the buyer the information:

  • Full name, address and country of delivery.
  • Customer name, which will will be stated on the certificate of ownership of the product.
  • Name and address of the buyer as will be mentioned on the invoice.
  • A valid email address and telephone number of the buyer.

Seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the buyer and refuses to accept responsibility for damages incurred by the customer providing incorrect information.

2. Direct purchase

The section ”Guitars for sale” of our website offers already finished products that are ready for immediate shipment to the customer. There is each individual instrument shown on pictures with a description of its properties. Customer will receive the pictured product. For each offered guitar is shown current price, which includes costs for shipping and handling.

The payment process is provided by PayPal online service. After clicking the button, the buyer is redirected to the service, where he can make a payment by credit card or by bank transfer from his PayPal account. The buyer must provide all the required information, in particular a valid shipping address and contact email address. If the payment is made by transfer from the customer PayPal account than a buyer is responsible for the correctness of information obtained from this account. After successful payment, the buyer will automatically receive an email with the PayPal transaction number and purchasing information overview. If the buyer finds discrepancy in the payment overview he shall contact the seller immediately.

3. Order by online form

The appropriate online form is made for each of our guitar model. Customer can choose from available options and add his specific requirements. Through this form you can order the making of the chosen guitar model on the basis of customer's requirement which has been accepted by the maker and within the deadline specified by the maker.

Time making of ordered instrument may vary depending on the complexity of satisfying customer requirements and production capacity. The maker is obliged to comply with the completion date, which is always set when the received order is confirmed.

After receiving the information from the order form and its confirmation, the maker will send an email with a summary of information about the ordered model of the instrument, its total price including shipping and handling costs, deadline of completion and requirement for a payment of the deposit of Ł500,- with the desired payment method.

The maker is obliged to make the instrument in accordance with established requirements and within the time period beginning at the date of receiving the deposit payment confirmation.

After completion of the product, pictures of the instrument will be sent to the buyer with the demand for the payment of the product remaining price.

Upon receipt of the total payment, the customer will be sent an invoice via email with the data obtained from the buyer and delivery details including parcel shipping number.

The customer has the right to cancel the order by telephone call or by written notice send by post or email during the product making period until the final payment confirmation is received by the seller.

In the absence of the required final payment confirmation of the total product price within 14 days of notification sent to the buyer, the order will be considered cancelled by the buyer. In this case the whole sum Ł500,- of the deposit will be kept by the seller.

In the case of the announced cancellation of the order by the customer within the specified time period will be charged an administration fee of Ł30,- and the rest of the deposit Ł470,- will be refund to the buyer.

The maker also reserves the right to cancel the order at any time before receiving a payment of the total price. In case of cancellation by the manufacturer, the buyer will be paid the total amount of deposit, that is Ł500,-.

4. Delivery to customer

After receiving notification of payment the seller shall prepare an invoice with the data obtained from the buyer and delivery details including parcel tracking number. This invoice will be sent to the buyer to the email address provided when making payment and not later than 48 hours of receiving payment notification. If the payment was successfully completed and the buyer does not receive the email with the invoice, or if the buyer finds an error in the information listed on the invoice, the buyer must inform the seller of this fact by calling 004407920888294 or email to and no later than 3 working days after making successful payment.

The package containing the purchased product, including all components mentioned in the product description will be sent to the customer by the delivery service and the tracking number listed on the invoice within 4 working days of receiving notification of the payment. If the buyer finds discrepancy in the information on the received invoice and contacts seller within a specified time than there may be a several days delay of the package dispatch, in order to fix the mismatch.

The manufacturer reserves the right to choose the method of delivery of the consignment with regard to the location and security of delivery and assumes responsibility for the shipment until receiving notification of successful delivery to the customer. The customer also has the right to choose his own way of delivery of the product but only after agreement with the seller and under predetermined conditions. Seller commits to provide an agreed discount from the total price of the product in the case of a personal collection or a short distance delivery.

The customer is responsible for taking delivery of the consignment. He is obliged to check the status of the package. If he finds damage or missing part of the package than he must refuse to take it from service provider and inform about this fact the seller but no later than 48 hours after the delivery attempt.

5. Returns

A buyer has the right to return the purchased product back to the seller within 14 days of delivery without any reason and under these conditions:

  • He must report this fact to the seller no later than 14 days after the delivery.
  • He must ensure proper repacking to avoid damage of the product.
  • He must send the product back to the vendor specified on the consignment, notify the seller about the method of delivery and ensure safe delivery of the product back to the seller.
  • He must provide all information needed for a successful refund to the buyer.
  • The returned package should include all original parts of the consignment sent to the buyer.
  • The buyer is obliged to pay all costs associated with the delivery of the shipment back to the seller.

The seller agrees to refund to the buyer the total amount after receiving and checking the returned product. If the seller finds wilful damage or missing part of the original item that wasn't caused by the carrier, the seller reserves right to to deduct from the refunded amount adequate financial compensation for the suffered damage. Payment of this amount will be made within 7 working days after receiving the returned consignment.

6. Manufacturing warranty

The manufacturer (maker) Zdenek Rumler- Furnitrix provides for all products of the brand ZR Guitars (subject to all specified conditions) warranty period of three years beginning from the date of receiving notification of the payment for the total amount. During this warranty period, the person who is listed on the certificate confirming ownership of the product and issued at the time of purchase or the person named on the invoice as a buyer has the right to contact the maker with request of a free repair or replacement of the product or refund of the product value under the following conditions:

  • The manufacturer shall provide free removal of defect or replacement of the same product model if there is damage to the functionality or design of the product or its part due to faulty design, defective material or faulty of technological process.
  • The manufacturer shall provide to the legitimate claimant the compensation for the defective product only in case it is not possible to satisfactorily perform the repair or replacement of the product or its component. The full price of the product will be refund only if the returned product contains all parts of the original package supplied by the seller. In the case of the missing part of the returned product, the amount equivalent to the value of this part will be deducted from the original value of the product.
  • During the warranty period, the claimant shall first contact the manufacturer and discuss the ways of removing defects or financial compensation and then deliver the defective product or component to the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer does not provide financial compensation for expenses associated with shipping of the defective product or its parts to the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing warranty does not cover product failures caused by malicious damage, insensitive handling or improper use of the product.
  • During the warranty period the product or its components may not be modified or repaired in any way without the knowledge of the manufacturer.
  • If all the rules for use of the product set by the manufacturer has been followed.

Components of the product supplied by the manufacturer varies according to the product model, the time of purchase and requirements specified by the customer. The manufacturer does not warrant the equipment supplied with the product. A customer receives the list of all product components on collection or as a part of delivery including a copy of the warranty conditions, the principles of use of the product and a certificate confirming ownership. These documents determine to which components of the product the warranty can not be applied. A seller agrees to provide the buyer with contents of these documents prior to making a purchase. While making a payment, the buyer confirms his agreement to the conditions of the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

7. Certificate of ownership

The manufacturer issues for each purchased product of the brand ZR Guitars a certificate confirming the legitimate ownership of the product. On the certificate is always shown a name of the owner provided by the buyer in time of direct purchase or making final payment for his order.

The product serial number registered by the manufacturer is stated on the certificate. Each certificate is issued in two originals. The owner of the first one is the person named on the certificate and the second is kept by the manufacturer. Certificates bear the original signature of the instrument maker or the person responsible for its production. There is also self-signed every single instrument and these signatures must be identical, which guarantees authenticity of the instrument and confirms the property of the person named on the certificate.

In case of damage, theft or loss of the certificate a legitimate owner of the instrument can contact the manufacturer who issues a duplicate of the certificate after examining the validity of the ownership.

In case of change of instrument ownership the manufacturer issues a certificate with a name of a new owner but only at the request of the original owner.

This certificate is the only proof of legitimate ownership of the particular instrument, so we ask owners of these instruments to keep the certificates safe and report to us when the instrument changes his owner, so the new owner could subsequently prove the legitimacy of his property.

We ask owners, please notify us in case of loss, total damage or theft of your instrument. We strive to protect our products from plagiarism and we keep records about our products and their owners in the interest of all honest musicians and fans of quality crafts.