Electric lead guitar with tremolo

with many options for sound from pickups.


Electric guitar with tremolo

Guitar Data

  • Dimensions

    • Overall lenght: 961mm / 373/4''
    • Body width: 309mm / 121/8''
    • Body lenght: 465mm / 181/4''
    • Body thickness: 45mm / 13/4''
    • Neck depth: 24mm / 15/16''
    • Neck width nut: 43mm / 15/8''
    • Neck width 12th freth: 54mm / 21/8''
    • Scale lenght: 610mm / 24''
    • String spread nut: 34,8mm
    • String spread bridge:53,5mm
    • Action on 12th fret: 1.8mm / 2.3mm (+- 0.2mm)
    • Neck relief: 0.0 - 0.2mm
    • Weight: 4.4 kg
    • Fingerboard: lenght - 445mm / 171/2'',
      radius - 254mm / 10''
  • Components

    • Tunners: Schaller locking tunners, 16:1, 3x3
    • Schaller nut R2
    • Truss rod: dual action
    • Bridge: Schaller Lockmeister tremolo, high grade steel
    • 4 wooden knobs with position marks
    • Wooden humbucker surround plate with setting screws
    • Schaller strap locks with spring
    • Round recessed socket for 6,3 mm mono output jack
    • Eliptic wooden truss rod cover with three screws
    • Strings: Ernie Ball - Regular Slinky (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
    • Frets: nickel silver 18%
      w=0.078'' (1.98mm), h=0.050'' (1.27 mm)
  • Electrics

    • 2 linear 500k potentiometers for separate volume control
    • 2 logarithmic 500k potentiometers for separate tone control with push/pull switches
    • Three way pickup selector
    • Seymour Duncan P-Rail - neck
    • Seymour Duncan P-Rail - bridge
  • Material

    • Body: African mahogony
    • Neck: maple
    • Fingerboard: ebony
    • 3.3mm Ivory dots on fingerboard
    • Epoxy base coat - Morrels
    • Color melamine lacquer - Morrels
    • Transpar melamine lacquer, gloss - Morrels
ZR Gee. 800x300

Electric guitar ZR Gee - description

ZR Gee guitar is distinguished by its modern design, strong build and wide range of use thanks to variety of pickup connection.

A solid body of this instrument is made of African mahogany. A guitar neck is made of three pieces of maple wood and permanently fixed half way through the body. A shorter guitar scale of 24'' makes sharper sound and shortens distance of frets. Strings in tune are a bit looser due the scale length which means softer finger touch. An ebony fingerboard is fitted with 22 nickel frets. Fields are marked by small ivory dots on the fretboard surface and also on the edge. An ebony plate is fitted in the space between the fingerboard and tremolo bridge. Seymour Duncan P-Rails pickups are inserted in this plate. Top side of ebony wood is rounded to match curvature of strings above the fingerboard radius of 10''. A ZR Guitars logo is embedded in the surface between bridge and neck pickup. Another characteristic design feature of this guitar is the way how the electronic controls are fitted. There is an elongate part of body with a cavity for electronics. The cavity is covered by metal plate in which are fixed potentiometers and toggle switch. This plate shields the cavity. Metal is chosen to match finishing of the other components. Quiet large ebony knobs are situated in line along the guitar axis with sufficient spacing. Beneath these knobs is a three way switch which is also well accessible.

From the both, front and back side view, it is apparent practical edge bevelling. These uneven bevels on the edge of guitar body makes distinctive lines in surface. This hand-made shaping endows a guitar with peculiar look and makes 45mm thick body slender. Weight of a guitar neck is well counterbalanced by the elongated part of the body. It makes the guitar very well balanced on the strap.

Fixed joint of the guitar neck and body is used for deeper shaping of wood in the point close to fretboard end. The attained shape of surface makes pleasant touch feeling and provides comfortable playability of the last few frets. Although the carved open space in this point seems to be quite small from the front view good playability is achieved by large bevelling on the other side.

A guitar is fitted with Schaller Lockmeister tremolo with fine tuning screws and locking nut. This bridge is licensed by Floyd Rose and it is made of good quality steel with brass block. When once tuned strings are locked, tremolo bridge keeps them in tune. Hard material well sustains string vibration. For needs of major tuning there are fitted locking tuners with matching finishing. A guitar headstock can be fitted with Schaller or Planet Waves (D'Addario) tuning machines. As standard, there is a Schaller R2 nut fitted on 45mm fingerboard width. Width of the neck can be reduced or widened and different nut model can be used in the case of custom order. Neck is strongly rounded with the same thickness on its full length.

Surface of wood is covered by uniform colour on the epoxy primer. Top finishing is provided by gloss polished melamine lacquer with lightly shaded contour. Colour shade is chosen to fit metal parts components finishing. It is obvious that many different colour combinations can be made regarding to custom preferences.

Sound capabilities of this guitar are really huge thanks to the type of fitted pickups and their variable connection. Push pull switches on tone controls changes between pickup rails and coils and their parallel and series connection. Sound options are multiplied by standard three way switch. Rails have no strong output but produce more vintage sound. Pickup coils makes stronger and brighter sound.

I think, I have accomplished my original intention stated before I started guitar designing. I aimed to make a new instrument with versatile use across contemporary musical styles with distinctive and practical design. My precise planning together with difficult hand craft work result in this new guitar. I leave consideration of practical use and sound quality to everybody who gets a chance to try or to own this guitar. I truly believe that this guitar will take the right place in contemporary music and will attract attention of many guitarists.

I dedicate this guitar model and its production to my friends from Dirty Lesbian Duck (Prachatice, Czech Republic)

    Zdenek Rumler (Manchester, 1st of April 2015)

Sound samples

Pure sound recorded directly from guitar without amplifier

Amplified and distorted sound

gee_1 gee_2



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M40 8EF
United Kingdom

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Sales information

Manufacturing of this guitar can be ordered with the same components and wiring as described or with the options available in the order form. Total price depends on the individual requirements and components cost. We will require Ł500,- deposit after the order approval and before the start of guitar making. In the order request form you can choose from available options and add your requirements. Actual manufacturing time is up to 12 weeks. You can fill and email us the order form for actual price quotation.
You can read all details about the shopping process in the link bellow.

Every guitar includes a certificate of ownership. A direct purchase or placing order is possible only through this website or authorized seller shop. We provide (in compliance with all specified conditions) warranty period of three years to instrument construction and all of its components except to strings and accesories. We offer to dispatch finished instrument worldwide for the price stated in the order. In the case of a request for different pickups we are willing to meet the custom requirement, but only after preliminary agreement before placing the order (required pickups must conform to quality, dimension and their wiring must allow required connection).

Thank you for your interest.

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